Winmau® Wispa Sound Reduction System for Dartboards

Winmau® Wispa Sound Reduction System for Dartboards

Quieter by design, Winmau® WISPA's radical and patented sound reduction system all but eliminates kinetic sound transfer from darts entering into the dartboard, creating the quietest darts playing system in the World. This dramatically reduces noise levels from a game of darts in an adjacent room. This creative concept sees a departure from traditional dartboard setups with the dartboard suspended away from the playing surface and housed in a stunning seamless structure. Experience vision through sound reduction technology with the Winmau® WISPA.


  • The Winmau® WISPA sound reduction system dramatically reduces the amount of noise made by darts entering a dartboard
  • Play without disturbing others
  • Maintains traditional impact sound for the dart player
  • Up to 24 dB noise reduction in an adjacent room
  • Independently tested by members of the Institute of Acoustics (MIDA)
  • Hassle-free registration for perfect alignment, the process of attaching the WISPA system to the wall has been designed and engineered to be easy and straightforward
  • Designed to fit all standard-size competition dartboards
  • Includes all WISPA fixtures and fittings, with instructions

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