Dartboard Nodor Supawire 2

Dartboard Nodor Supawire 2

The SupaWire2 is a ground breaking dartboard that fully utilises Nodor's 90 years of manufacturing expertise. The new M.S.Z. (Multiple Scoring Zone) wire is over 50% thinner than on the original SupaWire, which creates a playing surface that has larger target areas and reduces bounce outs. The precision nature of this wiring system will ensure that all players have the opportunity to hit that perfect maximum. The board is produced from the highest grade East African sisal and coupled with our unique manufacturing process, this results in a class-leading consistency in the sisal base for the ultimate in durability. Always at the forefront of the industry, Nodor invented the staple-free bullseye and the SupaWire 2 includes the latest edition of the Supabull 2 system for reduced bounce outs and maximum scoring. The SupaWire 2 complies with World Darts Federation (W.D.F.) specifications and is exclusively endorsed by two of the world’s leading darts organisations - the American Darts Organisation (A.D.O.) and the National Darts Federation of Canada (N.D.F.C.).


  • Edge on profile triangular wiring system to eliminate bounce outs
  • 50% Thinner M.S.Z. wire
  • Includes Supabull II sport engineered staple free Bullseye for increased scores.
  • Made to Official World Tournament Specification.
  • Built to last from millions of premium grade East African sisal fibers

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