Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard

Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Dartboard

Blade 6 Dual Core’s finely tuned innovations are a statement of performance and quality made for the most aspiring dart player. The patented Dual Core dartboard base offers a seamless, high visibility playing surface and optimised core density designed for maximum scoring. Reduced density at the outer core facilitates smooth dart penetration whilst the high-density inner core absorbs excess kinetic energy, optimising dart retention and durability. Blade’s pioneering web design features the latest ‘Density Control™’ wire for optimum fibre density and improved dart retention in the double, treble, and bullseye zones, for maximum scoring power. The ultra-thin 60° angled wire deflects darts into the scoring area for absolute minimal bounce-outs. The fully hardened bullseye and outer bull, featuring ‘Density Control™’ wire, are now 25% thinner. Fitted with the easy adjust Rota-Lock mounting system, the Blade 6 Dual Core fits any wall allowing you to start playing within minutes.  Made from the finest East African sisal for the most demanding players and environments. Blade 6 Dual Core is Professional Tournament approved and made to official World Darts Federation specifications.  


  • Sixth generation blade technology
  • Density control
  • 25% thinner bullseye wire and 25 ring
  • Higher tensile wires
  • Dual Core technology
  • High visibility sisal
  • Rota-Lock levelling system
  • 450mm Diameter x 38mm Thickness

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