Aerobie® Supersonic Catch Football

Aerobie® Supersonic Catch Football

Throw and catch like a pro with the Aerobie Super Sonic Fin Catch! It’s the small ball that goes the distance! Engineered with an innovative gyroscopic design to create lift and max distance, every throw can go, go, go! Put the power of a pro in your hand today. Officially endorsed by NFL quarterback Russel Wilson of the Denver Broncos, the Super Sonic Fin Catch is engineered to throw and catch with ease, making it easy to play like your favorite NFL quarterback!


  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Features an innovative hollow gyroscopic design, soft foam construction and tactile grip so you can throw and catch like an NFL quarterback.
  • SMALL BALL, BIG THROWS: Measuring only 5.25”, this small ball goes the distance. Throw like a pro with the Super Sonic FinCatch!
  • ENDORSED BY RUSSELL WILSON: Officially endorsed by star quarterback Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos. Put the power of pro in your hand today!
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOOR PLAY: Because this small ball goes the distance, it’s perfect for outdoor play with friends and family!
  • Hollow gyroscopic design
  • Ultimate lift and max distance
  • Easy to catch

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